Careless Driving Violation

When an accident occurs, the most common violation given is for careless driving. It is also one of the most dismissable of all of the tickets we handle. There are very specific rules for the issuance of this type of ticket…..and police often get it wrong. A Fort Lauderdale traffic violations defense attorney can help set the record straight.


DUI and DWI (Drunk Driving)

Despite belief to the contrary,  it is not illegal to drink and drive, it is illegal to drive while intoxicated or otherwise impaired. After a DUI arrest, you must move quickly for a hearing to prevent immediate license suspension.  Failure to ask for this hearing may cause you to lose important rights.


Expired Driver’s License


The failure to maintain your dirver’s license in valid and properly renewed form can potentialy cause the State of Florida to bring criminal charges against you in the event that your driver’s license has expired more than 4 months and you continue to drive.


Leaving the Scene of an Accident

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, and it involves $50 of damage to property or any injury to any person, you must remain at the scene of that accident until the police clear the investigation of the accident.


No Valid Florida License

If you have become a resident of the State of Florida, you must obtain a valid Florida driver’s license and cannot legally drive with a driver’s license from another state or country.


Reckless Driving Violation

Careless driving that endangers the life or safety of any individual or is in wanton disregard for the safety of the property of others is guilty of the traffic crimiinal violation of reckless driving.


Red Light Tickets

There are two types of red light camera ticket.  Some are issued by a police officer during a traffic stop. Others are sent through the mail after your vehicle was photographed failing to obey a red light.


School Zone Violations

Speeding through a properly marked school speed zone carries with it drastically increased penalties and a much higher risk of an adverse result from a traffic hearing officer.


Speeding Ticket

Never just pay a speeding ticket as this will be deemed an admission of guilt and will put conviction on your record and points on your driver’s license.


Stop Sign Violations

Never pay a Stop Sign ticket.  Paying a Stop Sign ticket will put 4 points on your driving record. It may even cause you to be forced to take a defensive driving class in additon to the assessment of points.


Suspended Licences

Driving in Florida is not a right guaranteed to all.  Florida law deems driving a privilege which is only permitted upon obtaining the necessary driver’s license from the State of Florida Department of Motor Vehicles..


Toll Violations

Florida statute allows various highway authorities to levy and collect tolls for roadways throughout the State of Florida..

Get in touch with a Ft Lauderdale Traffic Violations Lawyer if you are facing any charges for a traffic violation in Broward County, FL.

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