Toll Violations

Florida statute allows various highway authorities to levy and collect tolls for roadways throughout the State of Florida..

Toll Violation Tickets

Florida statute allows various highway authorities to levy and collect tolls for roadways throughout the State of Florida.  There are certain roadways on which tolls are collected electronically.  The trend is for more and more of these toll roads to be operated without human toll collectors.  This is either done by way of a transponder system or by the  photographing the vehicles license tag as it passes the subject toll point on the highway.  It is becoming more and more important for all owners of vehicles to be sure that their registrations on their vehicles are kept up to date with regard to the correct address where the vehicle is being garaged (and therefore at an address to which you will receive notices). If you, as an owner of a vehicle fail to keep your address on the registration current, you run the risk of never receiving notification of a toll being charged to your vehicle. Tolls can be as little as $.25 when paid at the first notice of the toll being incurred.  If unpaid, toll tickets can become very expensive.  Additional charges are added at each level of the process.

It is imperative that tolls be paid as soon a possible in order to save being exposed to astronomic increases in costs.  However, once the matter is referred to court as an actual toll violation citation or ticket, it should never be paid without contesting the matter in court.  A qualified and experienced traffic ticket lawyer will provide you with a proper defense.  The objective is to get dismissed entirely as many or all of the toll violation tickets as the facts warrant and the judge allows. With regard to any toll violation ticket for which a dismissal cannot be obtained, it is imperative that each case is resolved without a conviction on your driving record.  A conviction on your driving record for a toll violation ticket can affect you by causing a judge in a future case to enhance penalties against you for that later ticket.  An insurance company, seeing convictions on your record even for toll violations, could use this as a basis to raise your insurance rates or to quote you a higher insurance rate as compared to what you would have been quoted without those convictions on your record. Always consult a traffic ticket lawyer before making a decision about what your best course of action is in dealing with a toll violation ticket.


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