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We Handle any type of traffic ticket: Speeding, Red Lights, Stop Sign, Failure to Use Care, Careless Driving, Reckless Driving, School Zone Violations, Suspended Licences,Toll Violations, Tag Not Assigned, Failure to Register Your Vehicle, No Valid License,  Expired Driver’s Licence or Registration, No Insurance, DUI / DWI, Leaving The Scene and many more offenses.

Traffic Tickets Don’t ignore them as this will make things worse!  Call us….we can help you avoid points, defensive driving school and court appearance.  One of our Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket attorneys will represent you in court and will make all available defensive arguments to the judge in an attempt to have the ticket dismissed. In our main coverage area, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, the court process for civil infraction tickets involves three steps.  The first step is the “comply by date.” In some civil infractions and all traffic criminal cases, there may be a hearing before the judge called an arraignment.  Failure to attend the arraignment or have your Ft Lauderdale traffic violation attorney present personally or through appearance, will cause your license to be suspended in a civil infraction case.  In a traffic criminal case, the failure to attend or be represented at arraignment will cause the judge to issue a warrant for your arrest.

The second step in most cases is the Pre-Trial Conference. If you handle you ticket yourself, you may be very excited when you arrive at court because you will not see the ticket issuing police officer present. Your expectation…..dismissal because of the cop not showing up to prosecute you.  Unfortunately, when the judge announces that the ticket issuing police officers were not subpoenaed to be at the Pre-Trial conference, your expectation of dismissal changes to sudden disappointment.  When the judge calls your case, he will give you two options.  The first option is to maintain the Not Guilty Plea that you had previously entered.  This option will cause the judge to re-set your case for trial in 4-6 weeks.  The second option is to change your Plea to No Contest, in essence throwing yourself on the mercy of the court and resolving your case without further hearing. The judge would immediately determine the final punishment for the infraction and the matter would be closed except for your obligation to pay court fines or costs and/or attend defensive driving school.

At this Pre-Trial Conference, what the judge doesn’t tell you is that you have a third option.  That option is to file or assert any Motion to Dismiss the charges brought against you by the police officer, as evidenced in review of the traffic ticket he issued to you.  There are many reasons to ask the court for dismissal in most cases.  Police officers, in general, hate paperwork.  Traffic tickets, to them, are no more than paperwork.  Since the writing of tickets is a necessary but not very well liked job for a police officer, there are many mistakes that are made in the rush to complete the ticket issuance. Not all mistakes made on a traffic ticket issued will be sufficient for dismissal.  Each judge is different.  Some judges seem to bend over backwards to allow tickets to stand.  Other judges will dismiss a traffic ticket seemingly if an “i” is not dotted or a “t” is not crossed.  You must know the particular judge you are dealing with so that the opportunity to achieve dismissal is maximized.

If you have received any type of traffic ticket in Dade, Broward or Palm Beach Counties, call us now.  Important legal rights in the defense of this matter must be addressed.  Our Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket lawyers can give you advice and will direct you in the manner best suited for your case.  The goal, as always, is to get a dismissal of all charges if at all possible.  In any case, we want to do everything in our power to resolve the case with no conviction, and therefore, no points on your license.  Call a Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket lawyer now at (954) 961-6767.

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