Speeding Ticket

Speeding Ticket

We can help fight your speeding ticket. Never just pay a speeding ticket as this will be deemed an admission of guilt and will put conviction on your record and points on your driver’s license. Convictions with the points that come with them can give your insurance company the open door to raise your insurance rates for the indefinite future. Speeding tickets usually carry the largest fines of all tickets. They also tend to be the most likely ticket to be dismissed by the judge if the proper arguments are made by your Fort Lauderdale speeding ticket defense attorney handling your case. The reason for this is that the police officer must use a speed measuring device to monitor and prove your speed. Speed measurement devices can include a pace clock (the speedometer of the police officer’s car), radar gun or laser gun. Sometimes the use of a stop watch and observations of vehicle travel through distance markings on the highway can be offered to assess speed. The law requires that all of these speed measuring devices be accurately calibrated before they can be used. If the device is not calibrated and maintained properly its use may be disallowed by the judge hearing your case. It is best to have an experienced traffic attorney who is familiar with all of these devices and the rules and regulations that must be followed for them to be used accurately. The attorney will point out to the judge any errors or omissions that were made by the police officer in the process. With close scrutiny and subsequent argument to the judge, a speeding ticket is much more likely to be dismissed. The rules and regulations that govern these devices sometimes change. It is almost impossible for a lay person trying to represent himself to be aware of the applicable rules themselves, never mind these changes when they occur periodically.

The officer must select the correct Florida statute section number, including sub-section, for your specific situation. Improper citation of applicable statute may also result in your ticket being dismissed.

There are many other reasons for a ticket’s dismissal. Only an experience speeding ticket attorney in Broward County FL. will know all of the many more things to look for in seeking that dismissal. The hiring of an experienced traffic ticket attorney to represent you is essential to obtain the best possible results in your case. An experienced Ft Lauderdale speeding ticket attorney will find all mistakes and will make all necessary legal arguments. This will usually result in the client saving time and money and will protect his or her driver’s license from potential suspension..

Starting at just $75.00 you can get an experienced Ft Lauderdale speeding ticket lawyer to defend you in court. Let us represent you in your speeding ticket case. Your driving record depends on it.

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